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  1. Can I call a guide before the experience?

  2. Can I change the date or time of my reservation?

  3. Can I edit my listing after it has been published?

  4. Can I hide my listing after it's been published?

  5. Can I make custom requests like getting picked up at the airport?

  6. Can I republish my experience after it's been hidden?

  7. Do I have to respond to every message?

  8. Getting Vouched

  9. How can I contact my guide?

  10. How can I delete my my listing?

  11. How can I edit my profile?

  12. How can I get paid if my country/currency is not supported?

  13. How can I promote my listing on my website or blog?

  14. How can I respond to messages?

  15. How do I best prepare for my experience?

  16. How do I book an experience?

  17. How do I cancel a reservation?

  18. How do I change the email address I use on Vayable?

  19. How do I delete my account?

  20. How do I get paid?

  21. How do I know if my payment settings are complete?

  22. How do I know the experiences are good?

  23. How do I list an Experience?

  24. How do I partner with Vayable?

  25. How do I request a press interview with Vayable and its Insiders?

  26. How do I request an interview?

  27. How do I reset my password?

  28. How do I sign up for an account on Vayable?

  29. How do I verify my phone number?

  30. How do referrals work?

  31. How does it work?

  32. How much should I charge?

  33. How should I prepare for my experience?

  34. How will I know when I receive a message?

  35. I don't have Facebook. Can I still sign up?

  36. I forgot my password, what do I do?

  37. I just confirmed a booking, now what do I do?

  38. I just submitted my experience, why isn't it visible to other users?

  39. I logged in through Facebook and cannot remember my password. What do I do?

  40. Is it safe?

  41. Tips to Keep You Connected

  42. Weather Policy

  43. What are good things to keep in mind during my experience?

  44. What currencies/countries does Vayable support?

  45. What do I enter for Legal Entity?

  46. What do I need to know to list an experience?

  47. What does "Missing Legal Entity- Document mean?

  48. What does it mean when my experience is hidden?

  49. What fees does Vayable charge?

  50. What happens if guides cancel?

  51. What happens if travelers cancel?

  52. What if I received a booking but can't give the tour?

  53. What if I sent a message to a guide but haven't heard back?

  54. What if I want a custom experience?

  55. What if the guide is late or does not show up?

  56. What if the traveler asks to pay me on the ground?

  57. What if the traveler is late? What if I am late?

  58. What is the best kind of profile?

  59. What is the difference between a Vouch video and an Experience video?

  60. What is Vayable?

  61. What kind of photo should I put up?

  62. Where are my travel credits or gift cards stored?

  63. Who can use Vayable?

  64. Why am I being asked to enter additional information to receive my payment?

  65. Why book with Vayable?

  66. Why can't I upload a photo?

  67. Why can't I use PayPal?

  68. Why do you need my date of birth and 4 digits of my Social Security number?

  69. Why is it best to use Vayable messaging?

  70. Why is my experience still pending?

  71. Why should I login through Facebook?

  72. Why won't the payment settings accept my address?

  73. Why won't the site accept my bank information?

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