Why is it best to use Vayable messaging?

We know that it's important to communicate before you accept reservations and we created a messaging system on the site to do so.  You can contact each other and figure out details that work for both of you before booking.  It's important to keep all communication on the site so that we can ensure your safety and security.  When meeting and booking with real people there is always some uncertainty but Vayable has created a social marketplace that puts trust and safety first and communicating on our site is just one way that we can make that happen.

Keeping the transactions on this site means you get:

Access to our customer support team whenever you might need it.
The opportunity to leave feedback with reviews.
A cancellation policy that ensures that guides get paid even if someone cancels last minute.

It's also against the rules. If you go outside of our system, the Vayable team can't help you!




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